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[DPRG] Battlebot-like competition (fwd)

Subject: [DPRG] Battlebot-like competition (fwd)
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at attbi.com
Date: Sun Dec 15 10:56:00 CST 2002

Spectator safety, and insurance come to mind as a problem.
The battlebots are dangerous, sawblades, rams, spikes, etc.
We'd have to arrange to have access to an arena, with a plexiglass spectator
protection barrier
between the battle bot arena and the spectators. Plus we'd need a raised
plateform for the
contestants to see the battelbots in order to control them.
Next we'd need a platform or special floor covering to protect the arena
floor area
>from the battletbots. A saw blade could really tear up a wooden basketball
court floor at Reunion Arena.
Finally, we'd need insurance in case someone did get injured.
Thus if we were able to book an arena like Reunion Arena, and get all the
things in place, we'd
have to charge admission in order to pay for the expenses, such as
insurance. And if there is damage
to the arena, we'd have to pay to have that repaired as well.
Then the question is is there enough interest in the metroplex to get enough
people to pay admission to watch the robots compete.

Now it would be possible to possibly plan for a 22cmx22cm sumo contest,
remote and or autonomous.
But we'd have to get a 5 foot sumo-ring built for this. This would be for
the 22cm non-dangerous robots.
The latest Japanese rules seem to want us to use a 1/4"-3/8" mild steel
plate as the sumo ring base plate. So this is the limiting factor, by the
time you add the wood frame to the steel plate, we've got a lot of weight to
have to man-handle to and from the contest site. If I remember we calculated
it as weighng around 170 pounds+.
Heck a good wood sumo-ring still weighs like 70+ pounds.
Yeah you could roll it on edge, but you have to be able to pick it up to get
it on the edge. Plus set it back down when you get it into the contest site.

I guess if the Seattle or Parts people can get the materials, we ought to
see if we can get a metal plate made for us at the same time. Making a 5
foot circle steel plate isn't all that easy, without someone already set up
to make one. I don't know of anyone off hand with a 5 foot capable rotary
table CNC machine myself.

Eric Yundt, can you guys make a 5 foot diameter 1/4 to 3/8" mild steel plate
for a sumo ring?
I suppose we could use a high power magnet to hold the plate down in the
center, or we could have a small hole in the center that we can fill in with
The big question is how much it would cost? And would DPRG want to pay for

I guess getting a small trailer or pickup truck to haul it in shouldn't pose
a big problem.

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Subject: [DPRG] Battlebot-like competition (fwd)

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Mitch Cerroni wrote:
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> Subject: Battlebot-like competition
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> I've noticed that isn't a fighting robot competition near dallas or in =
> texas. Most of the competitions like Battlebots is all the way in =
> California. Even though your competitions are for autonomus robots, what =
> about hosting a remote controlled fighting robot competition along with =
> the event? It probably would attract lots of fans. Just wondering.
> thanks,
> Mitch
> p.s. I think I have emailed you guys before.

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