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[DPRG] Re: Big Sumo Ring

Subject: [DPRG] Re: Big Sumo Ring
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Sun Dec 15 23:02:01 CST 2002

I think we need to finish what we started (the micromouse course /
competition) before we dive into something else. Besides, if only one or two
folks are interested, they should build their own big sumo ring.


> Thanks for the info Eric, that's most interesting.
> You guys are so good at making metal thingies. I know I bought some
> from them and they are good.
> All we need then is a estimate on how much it would cost us, for you to
> the metal ring.
> We can then get the DPRG membership to vote on it at the next meeting.
> Oops, I guess we need to think about the wood frame some. Maybe a simple
> frame setup would be
> all that's needed. I don't see a reason to have the entire base as more or
> less solid wood.
> Of course I'd have to hit up a few Home Depots and Lowes to find several
> straight 2x4's.Would countersinking a few screw/bolt holes be OK?
> Or should we simply RTV the thing down to a frame?
> A roll or two of masking tape, and a few cans of flat black and white
> Rustoleum paint isn't a problem.
> Looks like we might have to start thinking about what time of the year to
> plan for a sumo competition. I would assume we'd want to have it at the
> Science place.
> Maybe including the Mini-Sumo (micro sumo?) events at that time might be
> too. Just in case we
> don't get a lot of 22cm x 22cm entries.
> I see a RC novice class, RC advanced, Autonomous Novice and Autonomous
> Advanced.
> Maybe a Lego/Kynex class as well. Depends on the interest and entries.
> Advanced would likely be the magnet, vaccumn, and custom sticky tire guys.
> I would think that if you win 1st in novice you'd move up to the advanced
> class at the next competition. That way others have a chance at winning

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