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[DPRG] Re: Big Sumo Ring

Subject: [DPRG] Re: Big Sumo Ring
From: Kipton Moravec kip at kdream.com
Date: Sun Dec 15 23:13:01 CST 2002

In general the rule in the past has been if three people are interested in a
contest then we should go for it.  That is what it takes for a rules

Also I think sumo will be popular, based on what I have already seen from
the mini-sumo competitions so far.  It is fun for the competitors and fun
for the  audience.

That said, a 5 foot steel ring is going to be a pain to build and move.   I
do not like the idea of it being on a table because a robot could fall off
the table and crash to the floor, unless it had a parameter around it.  Now
we are looking at a bigger than 5 foot diameter.

When we build a ring, we need to build a transport too.  It can be a simple
4 wheel cart where the ring stands on edge in  the cart so it can be moved
easily through doors.  Heavy 4" (or bigger) wheels, so it can be rolled
across a parking lot. I am thinking something with two big wheels in the
middle and some dolly wheels front and back that do not have to touch the

People will be able to practice at home with a homemade wooden ring, to get
the movements right and the programming.  If they choose to use vacuum that
can be tested on wood too.  If they choose magnets, then that part of the
testing can be done at the warehouse where the ring will be stored.  In
either case a trip to the warehouse will ensure everything works.

David, you have a 1/4 size course to practice on with cardboard walls for
the T-Time and Can-can contests.  The fact that it is not exactly the white
walls, and black floor dies not prevent you from testing 99% of the
functionality.  So what if they practice on wood?  They can get a lot of
functionality from that.

If there is enough interest, let them build it.


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Subject: [DPRG] Re: Big Sumo Ring

> Howdy
> not wanting to toss any wet blankets, but seems like
> the cart may be out in front of the horse here.  Maybe
> a quick survey of how many folks are interested in
> competing in such a contest might be useful?
> Actually, "interested in" has in the past turned out not
> to be such a useful question.  Lots more folks will say
> "yes" to that question than ever actually get around to
> building anything.
> Right now there are enough folks interested in mini-sumo,
> and enough mini-sumo robots now are built and being built,
> that this has naturally evolved into a DPRG sponsored event.
> Seems to me that route makes a lot of sense.
> Once we go to a steel surface, especially a new class with
> special 5 foot ring, most folks won't be able to test and
> practice at home anymore which, in my experience, puts a
> severe damper on the number of people interested in building
> and competing.
> If there really are enough folks interested in the larger
> design class to build, let's say conservatively, at least
> two, maybe three robots, then maybe we should start out
> with a simple wooden ring, and see where it leads us.
> best
> dpa
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