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[DPRG] Battlebot-like competition (fwd)

Subject: [DPRG] Battlebot-like competition (fwd)
From: RoboVac robovac at mninter.net
Date: Mon Dec 16 07:57:00 CST 2002

The arena needs to be VERY strong.  The Twin Cities Mechwars has had a lot
of trouble with robots breaking the arena.  They would smash holes in the
plastic sides, punch out the plastic sheets, or even knock down whole walls.
One super heavy weight fight had all four walls knocked down.  Battle Bots
has also had problems with this.

William Crolley

> Spectator safety, and insurance come to mind as a problem.
> The battlebots are dangerous, sawblades, rams, spikes, etc.
> We'd have to arrange to have access to an arena, with a plexiglass
> protection barrier
> between the battle bot arena and the spectators. Plus we'd need a raised
> plateform for the
> contestants to see the battelbots in order to control them.
> Next we'd need a platform or special floor covering to protect the arena
> floor area
> from the battletbots. A saw blade could really tear up a wooden basketball
> court floor at Reunion Arena.
> Finally, we'd need insurance in case someone did get injured.
> Thus if we were able to book an arena like Reunion Arena, and get all the
> things in place, we'd
> have to charge admission in order to pay for the expenses, such as
> insurance. And if there is damage
> to the arena, we'd have to pay to have that repaired as well.
> Then the question is is there enough interest in the metroplex to get
> people to pay admission to watch the robots compete.

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