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[DPRG] Battlebot-like competition (fwd)

Subject: [DPRG] Battlebot-like competition (fwd)
From: bill billa at longrange.net
Date: Mon Dec 16 08:13:01 CST 2002

RoboVac wrote:
> The arena needs to be VERY strong.  The Twin Cities Mechwars has had a lot
> of trouble with robots breaking the arena.  They would smash holes in the
> plastic sides, punch out the plastic sheets, or even knock down whole walls.
> One super heavy weight fight had all four walls knocked down.  Battle Bots
> has also had problems with this.

I think you are exaggerating the damage. 

At the last competition we had two sheets of 1/4 lexan mounted
in a steel frames. There were no wall breaches, however we did
 have a piece go threw the top netting.

The floor was damaged from 300+ pound bots being flipped 4 feet in the

You might want to look at the other combat robot groups.

There are probably combat robot builders in texas already.

Bill, Arden (Embedded systems designer) http://www.soraca.com

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