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[DPRG] New Meeting Place

Subject: [DPRG] New Meeting Place
From: Jeff Koenig jkoenig at airmail.net
Date: Mon Dec 16 11:28:01 CST 2002

As I mentioned in a previous announcement, we are no longer able to hold
meetings at the Bill Priest Institute.

The DPRG needs a new meeting place, and we are going to need everyone's
help.  This is very, very important.

If you can think of any place that might let 30-50 people get together, once
a month, please do a little investigation and let us know.

The second Saturday of each month isn't important - we can change dates, but
Saturday is probably the best meeting day.

I had everyone at December's meeting write down where they live, and most
seem to be around the North Dallas-Richardson-Plano-Garland area.  However,
we have a few members from Ft. Worth, and several from other outlying areas.
Of course, this list included only the people who were at the December

Please spend some time thinking about potential areas, and maybe making a
phone call or an e-mail or two.  If we don't get a meeting place, fast, our
next meeting may have to be via a chat group.

Best Regards,
Jeff Koenig
DPRG President

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