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[DPRG] clarification (Re: Big Sumo Ring)

Subject: [DPRG] clarification (Re: Big Sumo Ring)
From: Patrick Innes kc5ugq at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Dec 16 11:41:01 CST 2002

--- Earl Bollinger <earlwbollinger at attbi.com> wrote:
> Well, actually the ring has to be on the floor, to
> avoid damaging robots, if
> they get pushed out or fall out on their own.
> But I do like the idea, I think it could be used for
> other frame purposes.

Having re-read my last, I think I probably could have
described it a bit better.  My thinking was to have
the 2x4 elements stood "on end", meaning the "4"
dimension.  Thjis would result in a ring surface
height (and resultant drop) of less than four inches. 
If this is still considered too high a drop for the
bots, any size lumber could be attached to the
underside with magnets, providing "finger room"
underneath the ring, and allowing it to be picked up
again once it is in place  Even the short dimension of
a 1x2 should provide enough space to get a few fingers
under it, and result in a negligible drop of about an
inch -- just enough to confirm an "out" without
damaging the bot.

That being said, I should probably refrain from any
further input on this topic.  As I am in Tallahassee,
Florida, I probably won't be able to make it to any of
the meetings or contests anyway...

-- Patrick 
   Tallahassee, FL
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<<< From my previous post >>>
> A pair of 2x4's, notched or hinged in order to go
> from
> a relatively compact or flat package, to something
> that will support the ring when assembled and stood
> on
> end.
> For attaching the stand to the underside of the
> ring:
> Magnets, attached to the 2x4 frame.  Assemble the
> base, slap it up against the bottom of the ring, and
> you're ready to go.

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