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[DPRG] New Meeting Place

Subject: [DPRG] New Meeting Place
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Wed Dec 18 17:09:00 CST 2002

Hopefully we can find something a bit more central -- Plano and Richardson
are just too far away at 120 miles round trip. I would spend more time
driving to / from the meeting than the meeting itself, not to mention the
crazy North Dallas traffic.

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> The search for a new meeting place continues!  Special thanks go out to
> members who have helped out by contacting institutions or who have
> suggestions.
> All communications are in the early stages - we haven't had a definite
> from anyone yet.
> Here's what we have so far, in no particular order:
> 1) The Science Place.  They are checking on this for us.  However, all of
> the classrooms are taken up by paying customers.  They may have another
> for us, though.
> 2) UTD.  We've only started contacting people there.
> 3) A library in Plano.  It would cost a $25 refundable deposit (no
> but we have to sign up for the space.  I'd think that one of our
> Plano-residents wouldn't mind doing this for us.
> Please let me know personally (president at dprg.org) or publicly (by
> responding to this message) what you think.  I'm quite aware of the
> conflict - it seems that most of the members live in the North Dallas
> but we are the "Dallas" PRG, and we have several members who drive quite a
> bit to get to the BPI.  Locating the meeting further north may cost
> attendance.
> Of course, if you can contact an additional place for us to meet, please
> We are in no way limited to the above-mentioned three choices.

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