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Subject: [DPRG] Servos
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at attbi.com
Date: Wed Dec 18 21:20:01 CST 2002

The Standard servos typically do not have one or two ball bearing supports
for the output shaft on the servo.
The ball bearing servos work much better for continous rotation servos, less
wear on the output shaft supporting the robot.
Plus ball bearing servos usually have less side to side play or slop on the
output shaft.
The H322 servo is brand name the standard servos are non-descript generic,
sort of a get what you pay for thing.
I do have some cheap servos, that work OK, but you can't modify them at all
for continuous rotation, so there is that risk.

I personally like the servos at http://www.junun.org/MarkIII/Store.jsp
But I tend to buy nice ball bearing servos from Mike's Hooby Shop in West
Carrolton too.
But then metal gear dual ball bearing servos tend to get pricey. So I like
to get the inexpensive ones
>from http://www.junun.org/MarkIII/Store.jsp Plus they come with ball
bearings, and can be modified for continous rotation and they only cost 25
cents more each over the Acroname standard servos.

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  I'm writing up a Christmas list for Santa Clause and I'm stuck on the
servo choice and was hoping somebody might be able to clue me in.

  The two servos in question are:

  Standard Servo


  Hitec HS-322 Servo

  The Acroname sales support guy told me that the difference was in the
internal quality of the electronics.  Should I really care about the
internal quality of the electronics?  What's the difference between the two?
Can anybody recommend a good place to buy good servos online?  Did the other
reindeer ever let Rudolph play reindeer games?

  The price difference is huge--$10 vs $15.  Both servos have operate at
about 5V.  The Standard servo is actually faster at 0.15 second through 60
degrees.   The Standard servo also comes with more mounting hardware than
does the Hitec.

  What am I missing?

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