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[DPRG] New Meeting Place

Subject: [DPRG] New Meeting Place
From: Sluggy slugmusk at linuxlegend.com
Date: Thu Dec 19 01:20:01 CST 2002

Ed Okerson wrote:
> I could probably arrange for a place in Sacramento!  That would be a
> relatively equal distance for the majority of members (although somewhat
> closer for me).  :)

I, for one, appreciate your sacrifice. :)

I think it is mathematically impossible to find a place that was
absolutely central to all members. Somebody is always going to be

In my SCA group, there was a rather heated discussion, debate and
debacle when we decided that Randol Mill Park in Arlington had become
too seedy for fighter practice and we were trying to figure out where to
move to. People proposed their favorite location and extolled it's
benefits, then a handfull of people would say, to whit, "If you move it
there, I won't go anymore because it's too far for me to drive." This
was repeated to some degree for *every* one of the proposed sites.

One person used mapping software to plot the drive from each recorded
address in our directory to each of the locations, exported all that
info into a spreadsheet and ran the numbers. He found that,
mathematically, Randol Mill Park was the most central to all people for
whom he had an address for. Every other location required that 15-25% of
the populace would have to drive 10-30% farther than they current did.

Ya can't win....


NT is a weak form of Unix like a donut is 
a weak form of a particle accelerator." 

                          M.B. Cook


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