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Subject: [DPRG] Servos
From: Ray Renteria ray at troux.com
Date: Thu Dec 19 10:26:01 CST 2002

Thanks for all the replies.  I've decided to go with ServoCity.  Based on
the feedback I received, I've concluded that the Hitec 322 is the best
quality/price mix I'm looking for.  There are longer-lasting servos out
there and some that are easier to modify for continuous rotation.  I'm not
looking for continuous rotation and I suspect this version of my bot won't
exist for more than six to twelve months.  So, longevity is not a big deal
For those interested, here's what I found:
TotalRobots has 'em for about #8.00 each (that's about $12.72).
ServoCity has a 322 for $9.95 and free shipping.

TowerHobbies has it for $9.99.

Acroname has the lower-grade "Standard Servo" for $10.90.

..and a 322 for $15.00.

LynxMotion doesn't have the 322 listed, but with a quantity discount of 10% 
for six servos, Jim Frye graciously offered to them to me for $10 ea.
The MarkIII robot store sells a GWS for $10.25.
Maxx has it for $9.99 but the shopping cart was broken and I couldn't
purchase if I wanted to.
 <http://www.maxxprod.com/mpi-15.htm> http://www.maxxprod.com/mpi-15.htm
($9.99) CGI problem with the shopping cart.
Balsa has a 322 for $9.99 but they're out of stock.

Acroname was the most expensive at $15 a pop.  ServoCity was the cheapest
and the shipping is free.
For these price comparisons, I tried to find servos that closely matched the
322.  There are variants of the 322 and I didn't do a comprehensive
technical comparison between servos at the same price.  The gut feel I got
>from the emails I received is that Hitec makes a reasonably good servo and
my wallet (I'm buying six servos) says that $10 is about the right price.
My point:  This wasn't a scientific or consumer-reportish survey.  I make
this statement so that Maxx, Balsa, Acroname...etc, don't sue me.
Thanks for the advice and site suggestions everyone.  I'm going with

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I'm writing up a Christmas list for Santa Clause and I'm stuck on the servo
choice and was hoping somebody might be able to clue me in.
The two servos in question are:
Standard Servo
Hitec HS-322 Servo
<http://www.acroname.com/robotics/parts/R84-HS-322.html> .
The Acroname sales support guy told me that the difference was in the
internal quality of the electronics.  Should I really care about the
internal quality of the electronics?  What's the difference between the two?
Can anybody recommend a good place to buy good servos online?  Did the other
reindeer ever let Rudolph play reindeer games?  
The price difference is huge--$10 vs $15.  Both servos have operate at about
5V.  The Standard servo is actually faster at 0.15 second through 60
degrees.   The Standard servo also comes with more mounting hardware than
does the Hitec.
What am I missing?

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