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[DPRG] Servo Prices - A Retraction

Subject: [DPRG] Servo Prices - A Retraction
From: Pete Miles petem at ormondllc.com
Date: Thu Dec 19 15:05:02 CST 2002

Well, with all of the hate email I am getting, it is obvious that the point
I was making missed the mark.  I think Alpha Centuri got it, because it was
way off.

First off, my appologies to Ray.  I had no intent on criticizing his efforts
for pointing out all of the different places where you can get some low cost
servos, with prices and links.  He did a great job with the information he
presented.  I like Ray, he is a good guy, and I had no intent on criticize,
slam, or insult him.  I appologize to Ray if my comments came off this way.

In a very bad way, I was trying to help support the small robot business'
that also sell servos and point out that just because their servo costs a
little bit more than largers companies, that you should still buy your
servos from the small companies.  The small profit that the people make when
they sell the servos helps pay the bills for these small companies.  When
these small companies can afford to pay their bills, that can stay in
business selling all of the other cool robotics stuff we robotics people
like to have.  I would rather buy a Basic Stamp from Lynxmotion then from
Radio Shack.  Radio Shack, a big company that can buy in bulk and under cut
a small company with their prices, can care less about us robotics people.
But Jim Frye of Lynxmotion is pouring his life into providing a service for
us robotics people to purchase components and kits, and giving us
inspirations for other robot projects.  When we buy a simple 42 once-inch
servo from a large company like Tower Hobbies, for a mere dollar cheaper
than what small companies like Lynxmotion can sell it for, we only hurt the
industry we love.

As for the original topic, if one manufacturer's cheap 42-oz-in standard
servo's doesn't work well for your application, there is a real good chance
that none of the other manufacturer's cheap 42-oz-in servo will work any
better.  Instead buy a better (usually more expensive) higher torque servo.

If the price of a servo is the only thing that is important to you, then
look at all of the TS servos at Tower Hobbies and the Cirrus Servos at Hobby
People.  They are good servos, they will work for 99% of your needs, and in
most cases you can't beat their big company prices.

The small robotics businesses are interested in supporting the hobby.  The
large businesses are not interested.  For example, Tamiya sells a lot of
really cool robotics components in Japan but not in the U.S.  Tamiya in only
interested in dealing with big customers.  So one of Tamiya's big customers,
Tower Hobbies, needs to express interest in obtaining these really cook
robot parts.  But the Tower Hobbies management does not think there is a
market for robotics components, so they are not interested in bringing the
good robot parts the the U.S.  So our only place to get parts are from the
small companies.  It is kind of a catch 22 thing here.

I probably missed the point I am making here again.

Anyways, you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I hope you
find a bunch of really cool robot parts under the Christmas tree this year.

Pete Miles
petem at ormondllc.com

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