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[DPRG] Servo Prices

Subject: [DPRG] Servo Prices
From: TWCarroll at aol.com TWCarroll at aol.com
Date: Thu Dec 19 19:00:02 CST 2002

       I also agree with Pete, but, I am more concerned with you getting off 
the main subject (servos) and attacking Pete personally.  There is no need to 
make fun of his spelling,-  he probably wrote the e-mail quickly and didn't 
do a spell check.  I consider myself a good speller but am amazed what 
sometimes appears on my screen after I type something.
       Let's keep these posts friendly.  It's OK to state an opinion but let 
leave out the flames.  In support of Pete,  I live on a rural island where 
prices are higher than on the mainland but sometimes there comes a good 
feeling just supporting those special businesses that need a bit of help now 
and then.  You know,  it is Christmas so let's show a bit of cheerful 
       Just my two bits,
       Tom Carroll
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