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[DPRG] alternate routes

Subject: [DPRG] alternate routes
From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Fri Dec 20 00:10:02 CST 2002


I've commuted from Denton to Dallas for 14 years, and for
4 years before that from Dallas to Denton (yeah, yeah, I
know) and during that time I have listened to the traffic
reports on the various AM and FM radio stations religously,
and based on that 18 years of experience I can report that
not ONE TIME has the radio ever reported a traffic jam
that I was in, or given me warning about one I was about
to enter (though many times they have told me of ones
that supposedly existed at my location, which did not).

Most of the people I know who I've told this to report to
me that they really use the traffic reports, and change
their routes based on what they hear.  But then they don't
really KNOW if the route change was necessary, by definition,
because they went another way.

I think the whole thing is one gigantic scam, possibly
cooked up by aliens for purposes unknown, or some vast
right-wing conspiracy, perhaps radio talkshow host trying
to get folks to stay in their cars longer to listen to
their effluent.  

Up against the wall!

Power to the People!!

Free the Mister Doughnut Five!!!


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