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[DPRG] Servo Prices

Subject: [DPRG] Servo Prices
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at attbi.com
Date: Fri Dec 20 05:41:02 CST 2002

Well, I actually prefer to buy locally first.
I usually buy servos (other things too) at Mike's Hobby shop, or Wild
Bill's, or Roy's Toys for Big Boys first, before I look to the WWW stores.
As a matter of fact Mike's often has a display on the servo counter, with a
special sale of servos for 9.95 each. Plus he has oodles of other servos to
look at in the counter as well. It depends on what you using the servos for.
I just looked at my servo supply and now I am wondering, "what the heck was
that one for?", when I bought it ( a HS-605 dual ball bearing hi-power), I
was going to use it for something.
But I did buy and try out some of the servos from the Mark III store, and
these are almost fun to modify for continous rotation. But I bought a bunch
of other things from them too.

Buying off the internet, sometimes doesn't work all that great, as the
shipping and handling costs  comes into play. Plus you may still have to pay
sales taxes too. Locally, Mike's, Wild Bill's, and Roy's tend to be slightly
higher than the WWW prices, but you don't have the S&H costs. So it costs
about the same, more or less, to buy locally versus off the WWW. But if you
can piggy back your order with other stuff from the same WWW sotre, it's a
lot better. Now there are some hobby shops that charge a lot more, but I
rarely, if ever, go to them anymore.

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> Ray Renteria wrote:

> It's not only immoral to pay more than I have to, but it's
> just plain stupid.

It's *almost always* smartest to not pay any more than you have to, but
in calling it "immoral" to pay more than you have to, you lost me. I'm
not sure I know exactly what you mean.

> When I buy a product, I expect value.  Period.

The double edged thing about value is that it is quite subjective. Maybe
buying an $11 servo helps keep a vendor who specializes in robotics in
business. That would seem to be of higher value to me than to you.
Nothing wrong with that point of view, I just don't share it with you.
An extra dollar for that particular servo may help that vendor become a
source for some robotic part that I have not yet even dreamt of. The big
online R/C place will not likely ever carry that robotic item, not even
if I buy two dozen $10 servos from them. So, in order for the little
robot vendor to be able to offer me some trinket in the future, I am
willing to invest a dollar in his business now and I will try to double
my investment by convincing you to invest your dollar now, too.

I am also willing to pay a little more for a given widget if I can go
pick it up and examine it rather than risk mail order. I keep buying
widgets from my local vendor and he keeps finding more widgets for me to
buy. I'd rather drive to Tanner Electronics and buy, for example, a
PIC16C67 from them than to mail order it from Digi-Key. Tanner might
charge $0.30 more for it and I had to pay for fuel and wear & tear to
get there, but that's ok. If Tanner doesn't happen to carry that one,
ok, I order it from Digi-Key and pay shipping, but no tax, and wait a
couple of days for it. Depends on how much I value getting it now.

> TotalRobots.com is a prime example of a website that offers value to
> its customers.  They aren't always the cheapest, but they have the
> right relationships vendor, they have FANTASTIC products, and their
> website is one of the best I've seen--simple, clean, always growing,
> and no broken links!

Oops! Looks like we are closer together on that point that I first
thought...  :)



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