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[DPRG] Pool Guppy

Subject: [DPRG] Pool Guppy
From: Frank & Gail Elia elia_frank at hotmail.com
Date: Fri Dec 20 11:07:00 CST 2002

Thanks Jeff, but more like a pool guppy. I'm just lucky to have a great 
resource base.

But that is my point exactly. As robot builders we are fortunate to have so 
many resources in the Dallas area - of which DPRG is one of the best. People 
with little or no electronics/software development background can find the 
resources needed within a reasonable distance. Heck even Mouser is only a 45 
minute or so drive. The internet is a great resource, but can't beat face to 
face human contact.

You bet I'll pay more for a servo at Mike's but he is a terrific VAR. Will I 
pay twice as much? Depends on the economy of scale - there is a difference 
between a VAR and unreasonable mark up.

Oh yeah - Motion Industries for gears, cogs, pulleys, belts etc.
TAOS - for Cool light sensors
New Micros - Randy brings stuff to us!
Parallax (sorry lousy spelling)- John brings cool stuff to us also!
Several suggestions where to buy scrap metal on todays list
Arrow Electronics - non surplus ICs etc
TI in our backyard

And so many others I'm forgetting at the moment. We are fortunate that we 
live in a community that has so many resources for the beginner to the 
expert. Does the club keep a local resource list? Might be a good thing for 
the web site.

Long live Robot and Roll!


>From: "Jeff Koenig" <jkoenig at airmail.net>
>To: <DPRGlist at dprg.org>
>Subject: Re: [DPRG] Servo Prices
>Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 09:49:24 -0600
>Frank Elia wrote:
> >...especially if your a novice like me...
>Hold onto your wallets, friends.  Frank says this line smoother than any
>pool shark I've ever known.
>Best Regards,
>Jeff Koenig
>Prez, DPRG
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