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[DPRG] Power conversion

Subject: [DPRG] Power conversion
From: Frank & Gail Elia elia_frank at hotmail.com
Date: Thu Dec 26 09:14:01 CST 2002

Hey Chuck

I've just started messing around with LCD panels so my knowledge is limited 
to one model that will run off 5v with the lcd power to ground, but it is 
rated to take anywhere from -15 - .3v or so.

If your not sure if it really needs -21v I'd try running it off of a 
computer power supply - they (most, all, some?) have -5 and -12v connectors.


>From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis at mcmanis.com>
>To: DPRG <dprglist at dprg.org>
>Subject: [DPRG] Power conversion
>Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 23:33:20 -0800
>Has anyone here needed to convert 5V into -21V ? I'm trying to hook up an 
>LCD panel which needs a -21v bias voltage and I have yet to find a decent 
>way to generate that voltage from the existing 5v supplies...
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