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[DPRG] Power conversion

Subject: [DPRG] Power conversion
From: Kipton Moravec kip at kdream.com
Date: Thu Dec 26 23:23:00 CST 2002

My design is just like the reference with the changes I mentioned in my
previous post.  I gave you the resistor values I used for -24V.

I think it only has 1 inductor because it has a high switching frequency.
The second inductor smooths out the result.  Since you are just doing a bias
with very little current, you do not need a really smooth output.


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> At 10:05 AM 12/26/2002 -0600, you wrote:
> >I have a circuit that works.
> >
> >It uses the LT1617-1 The chip documentation shows an example.
> >http://www.linear.com/pdf/16171f.pdf
> >
> >There is a reference design for a -33V Inverting Charge Pump Inverter.
> I found the reference design in the data sheet but noticed that it is
> different than all of the other designs in that it has only 1 inductor and
> two shottky diodes. Did you build it that way and it worked? If so I'll
> it like you did with minor tweaks to get the voltage I want out of it. If
> its really a typo and D2 is really L2 like it is in the other designs I'll
> fix that when I lay it out.
> --Chuck
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