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[DPRG] ceramic magnets

Subject: [DPRG] ceramic magnets
From: Earl Bollinger earlwbollinger at attbi.com
Date: Sat Dec 28 21:13:00 CST 2002

There could be points of difference there on that subject,
but in my case they do after a fashion.
For my salt water aquarium, I use various filter systems with different
kinds of water pumps.
I discovered that after a year or so, the ceramic magnet impeller starts to
rust and swell/expand causing the impellor to jam against the housing and
stop. So once a year I have to replace the magnetic impellor units. If the
old one hasn't started rusting and swelling, leaving it out in the air for a
while usually does the trick and they start rusting and swelling and
breaking apart.
The problem is determining if the magnetic impellor is a real ceramic
composite or simply a ceramic coated magnet. After they go bad it's hard to
tell as they sort of disintegrate before your eyes. Some impellors seem to
work longer as long as the impellor never stops spinning as the centrifugal
force keeps the water out, at least until you stop it for a while.
But then maybe fresh water isn't as hard on the impellors as the corrosive
salt water is.
Basically, if air or moisture can get into the ferrous magnetic material,
you'll get rust or oxidation to take place.

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Do ceramic magnets rust?


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