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[DPRG] ceramic magnets

Subject: [DPRG] ceramic magnets
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Sat Dec 28 22:00:02 CST 2002

Maybe it was a coated cow magnet.

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> My only experience with a similar product was a magnetic mixer used for
> chemicals (in my case, photographic processing chemicals). I don't think
> the impeller was even a magnet, but just a ceramic-coated piece of
steel --
> it was quite heavy. I likened the thing to a white Good 'n Plenty.
> You can readily test if the impeller is a magnet of course, but I imagine
> the only way to determine if it's a coated magnet is to saw it in half. I
> think that'll let all the remaining magnetism leak out, though, so be

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