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[DPRG] K,NEX K-bot World Championships

Subject: [DPRG] K,NEX K-bot World Championships
From: TVERCVER at aol.com TVERCVER at aol.com
Date: Sat Feb 2 22:46:43 CST 2002

Dear Dallas Robotics Group,
Would you like to list The 
K'NEX K-bot World Championships which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada this 
July 15 - 19, 2002 on your website.  The City Of Las Vegas will host these 
championships at its state of the art Veterans Memorial Leisure Services 
Center.  Division 1 ~ is a fast pace two wheel division with lots of action 
for students ages 7 thru 13. Division 2 ~ is the four wheel division with a 
lot of power for students ages 8 thru 13.  Division 3 is sponsored by K'NEX 
industries, Inc. and is the Ultra Cyber K'NEX remote control division with 
three motors and truly the high roller Vegas style division for students ages 
8 thru 13.  I would love to send you a Rules And Regulations Guide Book and 
CD's on the regional Championships across the country.  Our website is 
http:/www.livingjungle.com    I am looking for a few good K'NEX people across 
the country who would like to run regional championships in their State?  The 
World Championships will bring K'NEX kids from all parts of the country 
together in one location like a super bowl of K'NEX K-bots. If you know 
anyone who is interested in being a part of this K'NEX action please let me 
Tom Vermersch
Living Jungle Science Programs
3130 Waurika 
San Antonio, Texas 78223
tvercver at aol.com   
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