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[DPRG] fire extinguisher

Subject: [DPRG] fire extinguisher
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Sun Feb 3 22:53:17 CST 2002

If anyone plans on using one of those disposable dusters, read the
ingredients before shooting it at a flame -- I think some contain stuff
other than CO2. While it may not be flammable, it could generate a toxic gas
when exposed to fire.

Might look at a paintball CO2 cylinder also. They hold *alot* of CO2 and you
could probably gut a cheap paintball gun for the valve and cylinder fitting.

On a sidenote, instead of using a servo to work the lever on a bicycle CO2
deal, you could make a device with a spring-loaded pin, triggered by a servo
or solenoid, that pierced the cylinder and dumped the entire contents of it
towards the candle.

If you really wanted to go high-tech, you could make something like a fire
sprinkler head with a thermal fuse. Suspend the device over the candle and
when the heat melts the fuse it dumps a container of water.

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> I found this old posting, I think it was from Sir. Ed Koeffman,
> concering using a CO2 extinguisher for the firefighting contest:
> > As previously mentioned, I used a CO2 extinguisher.
> > This worked much better than expected. A
> > two second blast blows out a row of candles two feet
> > long at a distance of four feet!
> >
> > I was fortunate to find a hefty CO2 cylinder that came
> > with a handle-operated control valve. The
> > extinguisher (with valve) is 7" long and 1 1/4" in
> > diameter. The cylinder holds 38 grams of CO2,
> > enough gas for 10 seconds of operation. The
> > cylinder was originally sold as a duster and is
> > available from Hosfelt Electronics (800.524.6464)
> > for $15 (cylinder and valve) or $5.50 for a
> > replacement cylinder.

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