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[DPRG] Extinguishing the FireFighting candle

Subject: [DPRG] Extinguishing the FireFighting candle
From: Matt Minnis mminnis at prefres.com
Date: Mon Feb 4 10:14:11 CST 2002

Should work pretty well, though I can picture an amusing failure:

I could see the tongue depressors catching fire and the bot needing to be 
extinguished. :)
Do you still get points for putting the candle out if the bot catches fire?

What about a spray bottle, and pump water out on the wide spray setting?
A servo could work the pump trigger.  A plastic rain coat may be needed on 
the front of
the bot to prevent electical problems.


Matt Minnis

At 09:56 AM 2/4/2002, you wrote:
>I wonder if a tongue depressor or two on a lever with
>a rubber band would serve to "stomp" out the flame.
>Just get close and smack the top of the candle.
>serve > Oops, I meant to send this to the list, not just Clay :)
> >
> > -------------------
> >
> > Clay Timmons wrote:
> >
> >> Why am I rambling on about all this.  I just wanted to
> >> tap in the collective to get ideas for firefighting.
> >
> > My favorite proposed method of extinquishing the candle is to utilize a
> >  12 gram CO2 cartridge
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