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[DPRG] Extinguishing the FireFighting candle

Subject: [DPRG] Extinguishing the FireFighting candle
From: R. Bickle rbickle at swbell.net
Date: Mon Feb 4 11:32:14 CST 2002

What about using a CO2 canister to deprive the flame of oxygen?

Rick Bickle

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JC Whitney sells an automotive windshield washer kit with a pump, nozzles
and reservoir. www.jcwhitney.com -- sku #'s 17ZX9165T, 81ZX1934A, and
17ZX9167R -- $14-17 for the whole mess.

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> Today I bench tested my idea for using a water sprayer
> to extinguish the flame for my firefighting robot.
> Why water?  Most, nearly all, robots in the competition
> used a fan to blow out the flame. While this can work and
> is allowed by the rules I've seen many problems with it.
> Many robots blow so hard the flame is sideways but not out.
> I thought water would be a surefire (pun intended) to put
> out the flame out.
> First I tried a mini aerosol can of water (Hyrdrating mist
> from flying first class on Aitalia airlines).  This would
> not put out the candle at 6".  The mist is way to fine and
> the beam to wide.  It just made the flame sizzle a bit.
> I also tried a small plastic water spray bottle.  The kind
> you pump with the trigger.  This bottle had two spray settings
> wide and narrow.  Wide is about 30 degree beam.  While not
> as fine of mist as the aerosol can it was still not effective
> at putting out the flame.  On fine it just squirts out a
> stream of water like a squirt gun.  This will kill the flame
> but only with a direct hit.  In fact I had trouble re-lighting
> it afterwords!
> Why am I rambling on about all this.  I just wanted to
> tap in the collective to get ideas for firefighting.

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