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[DPRG] Blast From the Past

Subject: [DPRG] Blast From the Past
From: Ralph Tenny rten at metronet.com
Date: Mon Feb 4 18:25:34 CST 2002

Please export ASCII! This had to be edited so I could read it.

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Jeff Koenig wrote:

> Does anyone know what happened to David L. Heiserman?

> He wrote some books on personal robotics in the late 70's and early
80's.  They were published by TAB, and had the titles "Build Your Own
Working Robot", "How to Build Your Own Self-Programming Robot", and "Robot
Intelligence...with experiments". 

> I bought the first of these books back around 1979, when I was about 14. 
While I didn't fully understand the concepts at the time, it (and the
subsequent books) were pretty good.  They definately piqued my interest in
the subject. 
> I recently pulled these books off of my shelf, and am re-reading them. 
Is David still involved with robotics? 
> Wonderin',
> Jeff
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