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[DPRG] Blab Buster in Feb. Nuts & Volts

Subject: [DPRG] Blab Buster in Feb. Nuts & Volts
From: Dennis Draheim dennis.draheim at attbi.com
Date: Thu Feb 7 19:01:23 CST 2002

Hey guys,

Just read an interesting article on how to build an automatic level control
for audio signals.  The Blab Buster sits between an analog audio source and
your amplifier, and boosts the low volume signals and clips the high volume
signals, which is just what I need when I want to watch TV while the spousal
unit is sleeping in the next room.  Unfortunately, some of my audio sources
are now digital, which makes it impractical to put this device before the
amp.  I was wondering what it would take to build a similar circuit between
the amp and the speakers, so that it would work no matter what the audio
source was.  I'm just not sure whether it would be possible to do this
without major power electronics (100W/channel amp).

Now to make this relevant to this group:  Maybe a good way to do this would
be to have a device that turns up or down the volume knob on my amp to
maintain the voltage to the speakers (or the ambient noise level of the
room?) within a certain range?  Not sure if the response would be as fast as
I'd like, though.

Anybody done anything like this before?


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