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[DPRG] replies to messages

Subject: [DPRG] replies to messages
From: Ralph Tenny rten at metronet.com
Date: Thu Feb 7 19:50:54 CST 2002

As the discussion developed, I began concatenating threads in the
"Contests at Teh Science Place" discussion.

When I looked, the file was over 134k bytes and had over 3600 lines. I
started to edit it and found that no one was deleting previous remarks. A
quick partial edit to just eliminate duplicate messages dropped the file
to less than 2000 lines and took well over an hour. My two-line message
was repeated five times in successive messages.

I'm as guilty as anyone; we ALL need to strip replies down to just what it
takes to tie into the thread (including the three-line web page signoff).
Some individual threads had up to five signoffs. This means they passed
through the loop five times, getting larger each time.

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