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[DPRG] Contests at the Science Place

Subject: [DPRG] Contests at the Science Place
From: Ralph Tenny rten at metronet.com
Date: Thu Feb 7 20:07:52 CST 2002

Two things: electronic timing reduces the number of bodies needed to run
the event, and gives better accuracy. If it takes three judges (standard)
and two timers, that is five who CAN't compete in the event. If the timer
works correctly, two more are available to enter, if they do.

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Charlie W Youngblood wrote:

> On Thu, 07 Feb 2002 00:00:41 -0600 Sluggy <slugmusk at linuxlegend.com>
> writes:
> >I think I see now. You are concerned about robots that reverse the
> >course without turning around in area B. They are generally the
> >minority. Even so, I think that starting and stopping the clock on the
> >leading edge each direction of a 3 foot long robot that doesn't turn
> >around in area B is just as fair as starting and stopping on the front
> >edge of a 6 inch long robot that does, so long as both robots fully
> >enter both areas.
> Accually they are the majority of the winners. At the last robo-rama I 
> attended, the top 4 to 5 robots did not turn around. A 3 foot long robot
> is definitely a minority, since I believe that the numbers are zero in 
> the DPRG.
> >As I've maintained, if we want to start timing electronically, we should
> >keep the timing system simple and reliable. That pretty much requires
> >that we either trigger on whatever edge of a robot breaks the beam 
> >first
> >in both directions or we have to specify the configuration of the robots
> >or complicate the sensing system to ensure *consistent* triggering on
> >the leading edge at the start and the trailing edge at the end of a 
> >run.
> Human timmers work great. I agree. :-)
> 	Charlie Youngblood
> >We can avoid the whole issue by retaining the human judges with
> >stopwatches, which is good enough for me. :)
> >
> >Sluggy!
> >
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> >our BioSteel program into the clinical testing phases earlier 
> >than by using traditional strategies"
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