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[DPRG] Another option to time Quick Trip robots

Subject: [DPRG] Another option to time Quick Trip robots
From: Ralph Tenny rten at metronet.com
Date: Thu Feb 7 20:21:18 CST 2002

The flag is still VERY workable!

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Charlie W Youngblood wrote:

> >Flags need poles.  What if someone shows up with a 4' tall robot. 
> The whole time Iv'e been with DPRG, Iv'e only seen 1 really tall bot.
> >(Are there any height restrictions).
> Yes they are in the rules.
> Needs to be tested before a contest. By the way, all these ideas are
> great. They need to be developed, tested, refined, and made reliable 
> "before" a contest. 
> Again, I agree. Before we replace a reliable system, make sure the new 
> one works!  :-)
> 	Charlie Youngblood
> >Subject: [DPRG] Another option to time Quick Trip robots
> >After all the discussion of drilling holes in
> >the course I thought of another option.
> >
> >We could have the light beam above the side walls
> >and require all robots to have a flag.  A little
> >flag is easy to attach to any robot and makes it
> >easier for spectators to see where the robot is.
> >The timing system beam could detect the flag rather
> >than the robot since the flag would be standard
> >while robots are not.
> >
> >-Clay Timmons-

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