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[DPRG] RF RS-232 Modules

Subject: [DPRG] RF RS-232 Modules
From: Rodent daweasel at swbell.net
Date: Fri Feb 8 18:38:16 CST 2002

Nope. The RWS / TWS pair we have been discussing are in the 400 MHz band.
Not sure what Lynx offers as they were only mentioned if someone wanted a
higher quality setup.

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> > They make modules on two different frequencies -- just get one RX / TX
> > on each frequency. Of course LYNX or someone similar has some
> > that are fairly decently priced also. You would have use a 3rd pin to
> > modes or fabricate and automatic rx / tx switch.
> >
> > For wireless debugging all you need is a transmitter on the robot and a
> > receiver on the PC. It gets much more complicated if you want to do
> > programming.
> What I see is that, unless one orders a special part, there is only one
> frequency available. In Europe, that frequency is 869.85 MHz, and in
> North America that frequency is 914.5 MHz.
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