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[DPRG] Firefighting course items needed

Subject: [DPRG] Firefighting course items needed
From: Sluggy! slugmusk at linuxlegend.com
Date: Mon Feb 11 11:44:17 CST 2002

Clay Timmons wrote:

> Additionally
> to follow the official rules we need:

I personally do not have ready access to the tools required to make most 
of these items, at least not in time for the contest, but I will 
describe them here in the hopes that someone else does.

The items are described as follows:

>    Candle holder

This is a round wooden base, 7 cm (2.75") diameter, 3 cm (1-3/16") high, 
with a 2.5 cm (1") hole for the candle, painted semi-gloss yellow.

>    Marking for home circle

 >    Semi-circle marking for candle

This is often painted directly on the contest floor at the starting 
location, but it can also be a paper ring or disk. It is a 30 cm 
(11-13/16")  circle, with a large letter "H" at it's center. The width 
of the line is not specified, but in practical terms, about 1.9cm (3/4") 
seems likely. I have written email to Mr. Mendelssohn at Trinity College 
to get a specification.

In any case, if it is paper, it will need to be well attached to the 
floor, probably with double sided tape so that it can be replaced or 
moved as needed. The center of the circle needs to be centered in the 
hallway or 23 cm (9") from each wall.

The candle circle is a 30cm (11-13/16") circle. The rules do specify 
that it is paper. At a regional contest put on by the IEEE a few years 
ago, the judges used several paper semicircles, cut to allow the candle 
to fit within it's allowed distance from the walls in the rooms.

>    Furniture

The rules specify that these are 11.5cm (4.5 inch) diameter steel 
cylinders, 30cm (11-13/16 inches) high, weighing 2.3kg (5 lbs) and 
painted semi-gloss yellow. In practice, I think these are pieces of 4.5" 
O.D. pipe, cut to length and painted, but I'm not sure about the weight.

In practical terms, I'm not sure PVC pipe could not be used, if properly 
weighted, but the rules do specify steel.

Any discussion on this? Should I dash off another note to Mr. Mendelssohn?

>    Ramps

It is important that the ramps fit the hallways reasonably tightly, so 
whoever makes them will need to know the actual width of the hallways. I 
would ask that Ed measure the width on the arena if that is possible.

In the floorplan, there are really only three places where a ramp could 
fit, according to the rules.

In this picture, http://www.trincoll.edu/events/robot/images/arena02.gif 
   the ramp could fit in the hallways either directly north or west of 
the home circle or perhaps a short ramp could fit in the hallway just 
outside of the upper left room.

As for ramp construction, I suppose any number of techniques could be 
employed. Make it from pieces of craft plywood or mill it from a single 
peice of wood. I have in mind how I would make it, but the first 
opportunity that I would have to even start them would on Saturday, 
which would be too late.


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