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[DPRG] Clay's FireFigthing robot status

Subject: [DPRG] Clay's FireFigthing robot status
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Wed Feb 13 07:27:32 CST 2002

Working frantically away this week every spare minute 
on my three challenges.

   1) Navigation
   2) Flame Detection
   3) Flame extinguishing

Unfortunately with only 3 days to go I'm still stuck on #1!
My problem feels like the sailors of the 1700's.  They could
find latitude at sea but had no accurate way of determinine
longitude.  My robot can measure distance accurately and
sense walls well.  The thing it can't do (yet!) is determine
the angle to a wall.  I've brainstormed 4 possible ways
to determine the angle to a wall and have made great progress
on one.  

Down but not out,

-Clay Timmons-

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