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[DPRG] Robot math problems

Subject: [DPRG] Robot math problems
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Wed Feb 13 13:37:42 CST 2002

Just working out a few robot navigation issues
and thought I'd share a couple math problems
I've encountered.  Have fun!  Took me about
10 minutes.

If a 12" wide robot with 3" diameter wheels 
has one wheel going 1/2 the speed of the other
it will go in a circle.  

   1) What diameter is that circle?

   2) To make the robot go in a circle with 
      a 9" radius on the inside wheel
      what speed should the inside wheel
      go as a percentage of the outside wheel?

I have solutions and will post answers next week.

-Clay Timmons-

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