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[DPRG] Info on AI (fwd)

Subject: [DPRG] Info on AI (fwd)
From: Dals68Kiwi at aol.com Dals68Kiwi at aol.com
Date: Mon Feb 18 19:20:08 CST 2002

An update on my neural network research.

For a practice run I whipped up two neural networks to decode 64 bit 
We has some discussion about this after the Saturday event.
My first attempt was to try using an analog network to decode the first two 
of a standard 64 bit encrypted letter. It didn't work very well. heres a 

It may have more value as a piece of artwork.... cause it does look pretty. 

On my second attempt I tried a binary neural network.
2 byte (16bits) input, 32 hidden nodes, 1 byte output (8bits)
This one solved or "decrypted" the problem in just a few hours on a pentium 
except for 4 characters ....hrmmm I need to modify the training setup.
I have a great fix on paper for this. I will try and implement soon.
This fix would improve all my neural network goodies :)

Heres the screenshot on the working model (95% working)

Kiwi at Pitstock.com

Don't forget we have a live chat room for robots here... 

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