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[DPRG] Encouraging Kids

Subject: [DPRG] Encouraging Kids
From: ADB1 at aol.com ADB1 at aol.com
Date: Fri Feb 22 12:17:29 CST 2002

 I have a 12 year old daughter whom is fascinated by robots and I wanted to 
encourage her.  In Austin, TX an organizatrion called "Girl Start" has an 
incredible robotics program where girls can build robots for different 
purposes each weekend starting in Sept. and culminating with a competition 
called RoboBlast.  If you take alook at their website, you can get a better 
impression of this amazing program ( 
www.girlsstart.org  ) .  My question is, Do you know if anything comparable 
exist in the Dallas Fort Worth, Metroplex or if maybe the DPRG might be 
interested in starting a program like this?  
Just a thought,

Adrian Ballom
adb1 at aol.com

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