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[DPRG] March meeting

Subject: [DPRG] March meeting
From: Kipton Moravec kip at kdream.com
Date: Mon Feb 25 10:49:30 CST 2002

The floor for the Micromouse course is cut, and has been primed on one side.

The walls have not been cut, but they have been primed on both sides.  It is
easier to paint a few big boards rather than 300 little ones.  So I will put
primer and two coats of white on the walls before I cut.

This cold snap is hindering my ability to paint.  We got one side of
everything primed Sunday.  And I was able to put a coat of primer on the
back side of the boards that will be walls this morning.  Unfortunately, I
don't have a good place to paint when it is cold, so I was only able to do
the walls this morning.

I expect to finish the course by the end of next weekend with the exception
of the hole drilling, which I will know more about by Friday.


Clay was planning on entering a Micromouse, but he and his wife had to fly
to Chicago for two weeks. So he will not be back in time.  Who else expects
to have a Micromouse ready by 3/9?


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> I must apologize,  I somehow got it in my head that the March meeting was
> Table Top, so I did not find a speaker.  I looked back and found this list
> events for the year, are we anywhere near having a MicroMouse?  If not,
> volunteers to speak at the March meeting?
> > >> January - (potential Sticks if there is interest.)
> > >> February - Fire Fighting
> > >> March - MicroMouse A
> > >> April - Roborama A 2002 (Not on 21 April)
> > >> May - Table Top Robotics A
> > >> June - (potential Sticks if there is interest.)
> > >> July - (Club party?)
> > >> August - MicroMouse B
> > >> September - Roborama B 2002
> > >> October - Table Top Robotics B
> > >> November - Talent Show
> > >> December - (Election of officers)
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