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[DPRG] New Plan for East Texas Robotics.

Subject: [DPRG] New Plan for East Texas Robotics.
From: David Peterson robologist at yahoo.com
Date: Thu Feb 28 14:52:41 CST 2002

Lotsa questions, see below:
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Subject: [DPRG] New Plan for East Texas Robotics.

> Hello all,
> The East Texas Robotics Club has decided to alter our course and move from
> lego robot to growbots or boebots.  This means that both our current
> projects will have to be converted but not completely abandoned.  Our
> can-can and our fire fighter projects will be redone.  We do plan to use
> some of the lego sensors on our new robots as well as wheels.  Will this
> work?  Is it easy?

Possibly.. Check out http://www.techtoystoday.com/ , Dennis does some lego

> Our first goal is the Trinity Firefighting contest.  We had a couple of
> questions..
> Also, what are our options for using sonar or infrared for wall avoidance?

www.acroname.com has a lot of different sensors, both sonar and IR to try,
good descriptions of how they can be used.

> How hard is that with the boebot?

The Boebot looks like a pretty easy platform, might actually come with some
ideas to try, check out the manual. Parallax has a ton of stuff in their
Resources, Tech support, and Downloads sections. Another I've been looking
at is the "Build Your Own Robot" kit from TAB, sold at Barnes and Noble.

> Does the heat from the candle "bleed through" the walls?  What I mean is,
> you get false readings if the candle is on the other side of the wall?

Doubtful this will happen, I'd be more worried about overhead lighting
giving false positives on a sensor.

> One last question, would the BX-24 be a good choice for the brains?  What
> are the pros and cons of Basic Stamp vs the BX-24?

BX-24 seems ok, as does the Basic Atom, or any other Stamp clone. It's kind
of like beginings, Parallax starts out with a good product, others add
things to try to improve it, make it faster, or whatever. The Basic Stamp
probably has the greatest amount of code out there to use as an example. The
others can usually do what the Stamp does, but perhaps a little faster, or
with different options. What's best for me is the easiest, and that is the

Have fun!


> Thanks for the time and the help.
> Lance Rose
> I program, therefore I am.
> I program, therefore I eat pizza.

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