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[DPRG] Serial LCDs

Subject: [DPRG] Serial LCDs
From: David Peterson robodave1 at attbi.com
Date: Mon Jun 3 16:09:34 CDT 2002

Anybody like any particular serial LCD driver? I've come across several,
shown below:
BPK-000 LCD Serial Backpack  $29.00

SLI-OEM Controller Module $19.75

Econo-LCD Serial Interface kit $23.95

Serial LCD Kit  $9.95

The Scott Edwards one seem to be the most used, even offered on the Parallax
site. The others look interesting as well, and even think Rodent had a BS2
SX directly running an LCD, not sure. What I have is a 4 by 20 LCD, Hitachi
44780 driven, and was thinking of having some type of display on a robot
driven serially by a plain BS2. Really liked the LED display on one of the
tabletop robots, indicating what the robot was doing. Anyways, what are
peoples thoughts on the various serial LCD drivers out there?


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