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Subject: [DPRG] Fw: [TCRG] Fwd: [OT]:GPS Receivers at BGMicro
From: FDB & HRB ferialb at mail.dci.co.ir
Date: Sun Jun 16 14:15:58 CDT 2002

Just interested, I know that some of them have an RS232 connection. Anyone
has tried to read back data from them? How hard it may be? (I used to write
communication protocols).

 Best Wishes,
  Hamid Reza Badili

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> Rodent wrote:
> > Keep in mind these are a bit behind the times and may not give you the
> > accuracy you need. The new handheld units in the $120 range have a
> > 12-channel receiver and give you an accurate position within 50 feet or
> > depending on conditions.
> In favorable conditions (which seem to be overcast rather than clear
> skies), my Garmin eTrex will report 13-17 feet accuracy.
> Sluggy!

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