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[DPRG] A2D conversion on OOPICI/II

Subject: [DPRG] A2D conversion on OOPICI/II
From: Anish Prasai aprasai at vt.edu
Date: Tue Jun 18 12:38:16 CDT 2002

I was wondering if anybody knew how OOPIC II microcontroller treated negative
voltage when converting it to digital (with oA2D object)? 
Say you have -5V instead of +5V, does it become low (since its less than 0)
or High (ignoring sign) or neither? 

I am using a DC motor coupled with a pot and gears for steering.  And the 
pot gives out 0V when centered, +5 when all the way at the right, and -5V when
all the way at the left (with +5V applied to the pot power terminals).
I was thinking of using the oA2D object in the OOPIC to monitor at what state
the pot is at (thus the DC motor), but wasn't sure how I could work with the
negative voltage.  Any help appreciated.


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