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[DPRG] Business question

Subject: [DPRG] Business question
From: Sanjay Dastoor sanjayd at uclink.berkeley.edu
Date: Thu Jun 20 11:33:27 CDT 2002

I haven't kept up with the commercial market in recent months, but there are a
number of companies that develop household robots.  Hollingsworth, Eureka,
Electrolux, and Dyson all have autonomous vacuum cleaners on the market, and
Friendly Robotics has a robotic lawnmower.

A company based in Germany is testing its robotic gas station.  You drive up to
the pump, it senses what car you have and precisely where your car is located,
and it fills up for you while you stay in the car.

Also, a few toy companies are developing toys such as dolls which actually
interact with their owner.  They cry until they're held, have mood swings,
etc., so they require some processing to sense what's being done to them.

Hope this helps.


Ray Renteria wrote:

> Greetings.
> Does anybody on this list work with autonomous robots for a living?  Ie.,
> has a job working with autonomous robots beyond the hobby or academic
> context?
> If so, how can I get in on the action?  :)
> I'm interested in finding out how I can support a family while working with
> [interesting] robots for a living.  It seems that the standard strategy is
> to get a military contract that's funded by DARPA.  Is this really the only
> way to get paid to do this stuff?
> --Ray
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