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[DPRG] Using a mouse for logistics

Subject: [DPRG] Using a mouse for logistics
From: Lance Rose LRose at pilgrimspride.com
Date: Mon Jun 24 15:48:08 CDT 2002

Hello all.

A member of my kids robotics group has been tinkering with different ways to
track his robots position.  He asked me about hacking a mouse and using the
two encoded wheels inside and the pairs of sensors.  After a short
conversation, he came up with the idea of mounting the mouse on the
underside of the robot and just "reading" the output from the wire. 

Has anybody on the list ever tried this? 

It is just a regular everyday logitech mouse.  Does anyone have any advice
or suggetions for where I can get documentation on interfacing the mouse to
a basic stamp?  

Any help would be appreciated.


Lance Rose

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