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[DPRG] Any women into Robotics?

Subject: [DPRG] Any women into Robotics?
From: Karen Thurm Safran karen at xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com
Date: Fri May 3 12:21:20 CDT 2002

Hi everyone,

I thought you might be able to help me.  We are looking for women who are into robotics to help inspire young girls.  In addition to the co-ed program at iD Tech Camps (www.internalDrive.com), we have a Girls'-Specific week where we engage girls into technology.  During this week we have special programs and invite women speakers to meet with all the campers, then have a breakout session with the girl campers.  It would be wonderful to have a woman mentor who is into Robotics come speak to our group and these girls.  For the SMU camp location, we'd need a speaker any day June 17-20 for 1-2 hours between 11-2 PM.

Thanks and best regards,
Karen Thurm Safran
408-626-9500, X106
karen at xxxxxxxxxxxxx.com
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