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[DPRG] Photos from Robothon 2002 / Seattle May 4, 2002

Subject: [DPRG] Photos from Robothon 2002 / Seattle May 4, 2002
From: Washburn, Rick Rick.Washburn at Schwab.com
Date: Mon May 6 13:10:16 CDT 2002

Robothon 2002 Participants & Friends-

I've posted about 200 digital photos taken at the May 4, 2002 event 
online at:


These are screen resolution JPEG versions, originals are 7mB 
uncompressed TIF files. Feel free to link or copy these images, photo 
credit appreciated. Contact me if you need higher resolution versions.

Rick Washburn
Robotics Society of America
San Francisco, CA
r <mailto:rick at rickwashburn.com> ick at rickwashburn.com

RSA Site: www.robots.org
Yahoo Group: sfrsa



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