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[DPRG] May 2002 Minutes/Table Top Contest

Subject: [DPRG] May 2002 Minutes/Table Top Contest
From: TravisTrotman at aol.com TravisTrotman at aol.com
Date: Sun May 12 00:28:18 CDT 2002

Ed Okerson opened the meeting.

There was a room full of people (don't know how many); a healthy showing of 
both members and guest.

Ed reported that clearing of Mike Dodson’s warehouse for DPRG's use had gone 
well (a few weeks ago).  The floor is a bit  uneven and a little water can be 
found standing after a storm.  There was discussion about building a platform 
to even and raise the coarse followed by a vote to spend about $350 (of the 
clubs $1,600-$1,700 balance) for the materials.  The funds were approved and 
another club workday will be scheduled to build the platform.  Anyone wanting 
to use the coarse should contact Ed Okerson to get the keys to the warehouse.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has contacted Ed requesting assistance to build a 
robot for Robot Wars/Battlebots.  Ed and Kip Moravec have volunteered and 
welcome others.

Cindy Rivers has videos of Robo-Rama 2002-A available.

The Table Top Contest commenced and included Quick Trip, Line Following and 
Mini-Sumo.  (My apologies for not getting all of the bot builder's names to 
go along with the following results.  Maybe one of the judges can get the 
right builders' names to go with the bots and resend the corrected minutes 
and/or post on our site.)  The results, by Bot-Name, are:

Quick Trip
       1st   - Crystal 
       2nd - Master X
       3rd - QU

Line Following
       1st   - Tiny Tank
       2nd - Crystal
       3rd - Master X

Mini Sumo
       1st   - The Bull Dozer
       2nd - Max
       3rd - Tye-Bot

Each contest was well represented.  The Mini Sumo was extraordinarily 
exciting.  All of the contestants did a Great Job!

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