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[DPRG] How does the GPL work?

Subject: [DPRG] How does the GPL work?
From: Dave Hylands dhylands at broadcom.com
Date: Fri May 31 14:05:13 CDT 2002

Hi Jeff,

No, just because your program runs under Linux doesn't mean it has to be
open source. 

I do believe though, that if you use the GNU run time library, then a person
who receives your product needs to be able to get the source code for the
GNU run time library, and should be able to make changes to the library and
somehow make your program be able to use those changes.

If the run time library is distributed as a shared library, then typically
you don't need to provide anything special for your application.

Dave Hylands

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> Subject: [DPRG] How does the GPL work?
> Let's say I develop a stand-alone product, and decide to use 
> Linux as my
> operating system.
> Do I have to open-source my application code?
> If I use a commercial variant, as I think Micro C Linux is, 
> how is the GPL
> changed?
> Thanks,
>  Jeff
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