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[DPRG] Micro Robots: A modest proposal

Subject: [DPRG] Micro Robots: A modest proposal
From: Chuck McManis cmcmanis at mcmanis.com
Date: Fri Nov 1 12:37:01 CST 2002

Having done competitions with audiences and those without, even if the 
audience doesn't "understand" their cheering is certainly rewarding to the 

I agree with Ray that a large number of people are awestruck by machines 
that operate on their own recognizance. The human trait of inferring 
intelligence based on behavior is well known. Look at the fire-fighting 
contest, that thing is hugely entertaining (I really think Jake should do a 
documentary on it for DVD release)

Finally, there is the "money" issue. Money is an expression of interest 
which can be used to generate more interest. A typical club has three ways 
to fund activities; dues, bake sales, and events. Of the three events can 
be the largest fund raisers by far.

Think about this:
	To generate 'dues' you make the services of being a member of
	the club useful to non-members. They pay their dues to take advantage
	of those services.

	To generate "bake sale" revenue you make the things you cook
	attractive to a large number of people (I happen to find chocolate
	chocolate chip cookies irresistable!) so that they will spend
	there money to acquire your baked goods.

	To generate "attendance" revenue you make the event fun for
	the spectators so that they can cheer on their favorite
	robot, learn about robotics, and inspire their children.

There isn't anything 'rude or vulgar' about it,

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