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[DPRG] Re: A modest proposal

Subject: [DPRG] Re: A modest proposal
From: Pete Miles petem at ormondllc.com
Date: Fri Nov 1 19:20:02 CST 2002

It is actually double backed sticky taped to an existing sumo ring.  A
wooden ring with a steel surface will work.

Japanese class specification is 3.2 mm thick material or 1/8 inch, ASM 366.
Same material used to make the sides of you appliances.

But weight is an issue.  My wooden sumo rings weigh a little over 100
pounds.  A hundred pounds really isn't that big of a deal, the real problem
is the physical size.  So I just roll it around or move it on a hand truck.
I always rent a UHaul truck to take it to events.  It is too big to fit in
the back of my 15 year old Subaru that the Insurance company has decided to
total because the front head light broke in a minor fender bender, that
wasn't event my fault.

petem at ormondllc.com

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> Guys,
> The steel in the steel ring for the mini sumo ring is only 0.063 (1/16")
> inches thick (the exact material is supposed to be ASM 366 steel). It
> probably be glued down onto a plywood base.
> I don't know what the spec is for full sized sumo.
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> > Hello Earl,
> >
> > Well 1 inch steel plate weights 68 pounds a square foot and 1/2 inch
> > is 34 pounds a square foot.   A frame to brace 1/4 inch plate would
> > weigh as much as a ring of 1/2 inch plate.
> >
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