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[DPRG] Vacuum/Magnet

Subject: [DPRG] Vacuum/Magnet
From: David Peterson robodave1 at attbi.com
Date: Mon Nov 4 09:56:00 CST 2002

Hey Jeff,
   Bills vacuum robot looks pretty cool, I've always thought a robot
climbing a wall could be  interesting to see. It sounds like he did use some
type of mini-vac impeller or maybe just whatever blades came with his blower
motor. It looks like fun watching his bot clean a whiteboard or climbing a
door. Other robots using vacuum include some type of window/vertical surface
cleaners ( http://www.smartrobotics.co.il/service.html , slow to load video
even and http://www.arvirobots.com/ ) that seem to be tethered for safety
and power reasons. There was even an attempt at adding vacuum to a Robot
Wars/Battlebot competitor ( http://www.killerhurtz.co.uk/sucker/ ) The sumo
robots that use vaccum have been estimated to generate a downward pull in
the range of 100 or so lbs, something I'm not quite sure a regular impeller
type blower could do, at least still fitting in the size and weight
constraints for sumo. You and the folks at Twin Cities make some really
interesting robots! How's the strawberry robot going that someone there was
interested in? Many folks putting together robots for the Museum test?


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>From: "Jeff Sampson"
> This isn't a mini sumo, but Bill Arden has a vacuum robot:
> http://tcrobots.org/members/barde.htm
> It is amazing to see it drive around on walls and windows.
> There are more pictures in our "Meetings" section:
> http://tcrobots.org/mtgpics/2002/0202.htm
> http://tcrobots.org/mtgpics/2002/0203.htm
> http://tcrobots.org/mtgpics/2002/0206.htm
> --
> Jeff Sampson
> http://tcrobots.org/members/jsamp.htm

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