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[DPRG] Vacuum/Magnet

Subject: [DPRG] Vacuum/Magnet
From: Jeff Sampson jsampson at pobox.com
Date: Mon Nov 4 16:04:01 CST 2002

David Peterson wrote:
> Hey Jeff,
>    Bills vacuum robot looks pretty cool, I've always thought a robot
> climbing a wall could be  interesting to see. It sounds like he did use some
> type of mini-vac impeller or maybe just whatever blades came with his blower
> motor.

I'm not sure what it is from, but it is a one piece motor and impeller.

> It looks like fun watching his bot clean a whiteboard or climbing a
> door. Other robots using vacuum include some type of window/vertical surface
> cleaners ( http://www.smartrobotics.co.il/service.html , slow to load video
> even and http://www.arvirobots.com/ ) that seem to be tethered for safety
> and power reasons. There was even an attempt at adding vacuum to a Robot
> Wars/Battlebot competitor ( http://www.killerhurtz.co.uk/sucker/ ) The sumo
> robots that use vaccum have been estimated to generate a downward pull in
> the range of 100 or so lbs, something I'm not quite sure a regular impeller
> type blower could do, at least still fitting in the size and weight
> constraints for sumo.

I think Bill's "Sucks" was an experiment leading to a Battlebot application.

> You and the folks at Twin Cities make some really
> interesting robots!

Yes, it is always amazing to see what someone will walk in with.

> How's the strawberry robot going that someone there was
> interested in?

We haven't heard from Bob for quite some time. So I'm not sure if he is still
working on it. Between a real job, strawberries, horses and sheep, he doesn't
have much time left over for robots. Boy, what he needs is a strawberry robot to
help him out. :-)

> Many folks putting together robots for the Museum test?

We don't have an official list. But I'm still working on my Earth Explorer robot
for that task.

Bill is making a new robot from scratch. He will probably have his first R/C
controlled version by the November meeting. He is going to use the motor control
and R/C equipment from his Centipede Battlebot. 


Bob Odegard's Rover http://tcrobots.org/members/bodeg.htm probably has enough
sensors and processing power to make a good run at it. But he hasn't made any
announcements about it.

Ron Jesme http://tcrobots.org/members/rjesm.htm made a test run with Carpet
Rover in preparation for the challenge.

If I would get some rules posted I'm sure Ron would be ready to go. Once one
person completes the tethered/manual level, I'm sure lots of people will jump

> Dave
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Jeff Sampson"
> >
> > This isn't a mini sumo, but Bill Arden has a vacuum robot:
> >
> > http://tcrobots.org/members/barde.htm
> >
> > It is amazing to see it drive around on walls and windows.
> >
> > There are more pictures in our "Meetings" section:
> >
> > http://tcrobots.org/mtgpics/2002/0202.htm
> > http://tcrobots.org/mtgpics/2002/0203.htm
> > http://tcrobots.org/mtgpics/2002/0206.htm
> >
> > --
> > Jeff Sampson
> > http://tcrobots.org/members/jsamp.htm

Jeff Sampson

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